IPTV for Telco

Interoud's IPTV for Telco solution provides an end-2-end solution for new generation IPTV/OTT triple-play service providers.

From the user point of view the solution bring users a complete and new generation HD interactive TV experience with acces to HD liveTV, onDemand, personal media and interactive Apps.

  • LiveTV and Radio support with EPG, Teletext, Miniguide, Audios, Subtitles, etc...
  • Advanced liveTV time-shift support with: pause liveTV, start-over, skip-back and catch-up services
  • Video on Demand
  • Personal Media access in the Connected Home: usb devices, network shares (DLNA, SMB, NFS, etc...)
  • Personal Video Recording in USB storages
  • Appications support including: RSS News, Video and Audio podcasts, internetTV channels, games, Youtube, internet radio, etc...
  • Web Browsing support (mouse and keyboard)

IPTV for Telco Solution provides an end-2-end service platform that allows telco service providers to build up a complete IPTV/OTT service:

  • Cloud Middleware
  • Business Support System
  • Video on Demand with Asset Management and Network Video Recording
  • EPG/Teletext
  • Content Delivery Network support for content distribution using Internet
  • New generation Set top Box middleware, including IPTV graphical user interface and applications

The platform offers complete APIs for both integration of existing provisioning/billing systems and other existing equipment. Interoud's partners complete the solution. Solution is completed with pre-integrated equipment/systems of 3rd Interoud's partners.


More information

You can obtain more information about the solution contacting any of our distributors or writing us at: info@interoud.com