Interoud Market Solutions

Interoud brings to the market solutions of cloud based systems that provide support for user's media experience needs.

This solutions are based in the combination of our own technologies and proven services in combination with products of other manufacturers, and always focused on satisfying end-users needs in media environments. Our deep market knowledge and understanding leads to clear product definition and understanding of the end user's needs.

According to each market features, technology and services are packaged in different ways:
  • IPTV for Telco Companies. End-2-end IPTV and OTT platforms providing complete support for the new challenges of the Conneted Digital Home for the IP telecommunications operators.
  • IPTV for Hospitality. Complete systems of interactive digital television and digital signage for hospitality environments (hotels, hospitals, universities, etc...).
  • IPTV for Media and Contend Distributors. Support for media content delivery, both live and on-demand, through Internet. Streaming systems, Content Delivery Networks and OTT platforms.
  • IPTV for Corporations. Content management and delivery platforms for large corporations (enterprises, public administration, universities, etc...) using their own networks or providing services using Internet. Streaming, digital signage, interactive TV, etc...