Behind Interoud's solutions there is a highly specialised and expert team of engineers working in the quality of the technology, projects and installations. To do this Interoud's market solutions are completed with a range of professional associated services.

With this services Interoud allow customers and partners to improve all the procesess regarding design, planning, integration, deployment, operation and maintenance of service platforms during its whole operative live.

  • Platform operation and support services.¬†Professional services for remote resolution of incidents not solved at first level support by customer support, consultations, remote support for the incidents. Third level support for issues escalation: development services to solve detected issues and customer requests over deployed systems. System monitoring, preventive support, quality checks, regular maintenance, backup review, systems configuration and software updates. Service management: ¬†services monitoring and services configuration.
  • Software maintenance, upgrades and guarantee.
  • Consulting.. Our deep knowledge about technology and the market is at service of our customers. We like to work together with them in maximizing the probabilities of success, beginning from the service definition.