Digital Signage

Pulsar is the overall solution for the management, scheduling, distribution and control of advertisement spaces in screens available in public locations: malls and department stores, supermarkets, pubs and discotheques, theaters, museums and exposition halls, hospitals, and so on. This new mean of communication is based in a group of modern technologies that communicate in a visual, direct and stunning way.

Leisure, culture, advertisements, news, general information... We can generate any kind of channel by combinating multiple formats (video, audio, pictures, flash, RSS sources, HTML...) in multiple regions, in multiple places, on distributed screens.

Pulsar is based on the content distribution arquitecture, VoDKA (Video on Demand Kernel Architecture) and allows the service provider to have the complete control, from a central spot or from many levels, of the contents showed in every screen or screens group at every moment. Architecture is based in a central structure (Pulsar Server) conected to a IP Network (corporative user network or Internet) and using players (set top boxes or specific cache systems) where the channels are generated locally (Pulsar Screen).