Erland embedded pioners

Interoud's work on the HED STB middleware was shown as a reference of an innovative software development for embedded devices during the last Erlan User Conference held at Stockholm beginning November 2011.

Ulf Wiger, CTO at Erlang Solutions Ltd, included Interoud work as a referece on software development for embedded devices during his presentation titled "Erlang for a New Era of Embedded Computing".

About Interoud Innovation R&D program

Research and Innovation are two of the fundamental tools to Interoud for building competitive technology. Leaded by Interoud's CTO, Mr. Samuel Rivas, several open R&D work lines are directly related to functional programing, testing and Erlang development.

About the Erlang User Conference

The Erlang User Conference 2011 was held last Novemeber 3rd at Stockholm with well over 320 members of the Erlang community in attendance, this year's Erlang User Conference was not only the biggest but possibly the best ever! The 17th International Erlang User Conference welcomed delegates from across the globe with some traveling from as far as the USA.