MYGATE launches Apps support

MYGATE completes the tv offer with a new Apps Plugin, which allows users to access new interactive functionality and contents over internet.

The Swiss triple-play services provider MYGATE upgrades the TV services with the support of interactive Apps. With this new service customers will access to advanced fucntionality and internet content like: RSS News Feeds, Video Streaming Podcasts, Audio Streaming Podcasts, internet radio, games and more ...


MYGATE is a FTTH (Fiber to the Home) triple-play provider for consumers and business customers in Switzerland and Germany, who offers advanced IP based telephone, digital interactive TV and internet services.

Interoud's solution at MYGATE

The IPTV platform of MYGATE provides services of HD LiveTV with miniguide, EPG, PVR and Time-Shift (pause LiveTV, start-over and catch-UP TV services), LiveRadio channels, Video on Demand, Personal Media support (USB devices and network shares ), interactive applicactions and web-browsing, to final customers in Switzerland and Germany.