Blusens announces 3D support and keyboard and mouse support on the Blusens web:tv

The firmware update scheduled for August will allow the use of wireless keyboard and mouse on the Blusens web:tv. It is also announced the 3D video support and enhance streaming functionality and connectivity with mobile phones and computers.
Santiago de Compostela, August 14th, 2011. Blusens, the Spanish multinational manufacturer of new generation consumer electronics, announces new features in its Blusens web:tv available with the new firmware version that will be available as a free upgrade from August. These improvements include requests from many users, highlighting the compatibility with wireless mouse and keyboard to facilitate writing and web browsing on the device.

Also the Blusens web:tv will support 3D videos in 3D Digital format (like SBS – side by side or TaB – Top and Bottom) for playback on your 3D televisions.

Other features expected in this update are the addition of streaming enhancements that allow any WiFi device can access the Blusens web:tv tuner and watch TV remotely on computers, tablets and smartphones of all kinds. It also makes available to users through the forum of developers, an application that allows conversion of any Android smartphone in a remote control for the Blusens web:tv.

“The Blusens web:tv is a living device, and much of its development aims to meet the needs and expectations of users. We’ve been listening to the requests of our users from our Customer Care Center and the specific Facebook pages of the product and with this update we demonstrate the importance of their opinions to us”, says Miguel Churruca, director of marketing and communication of Blusens.

The firmware update will be available to all users since August, but you can download the BETA version on the Blusens’ developer forum. This forum is available at the URL is supported directly by the R&D of the company and provides the information necessary for any developer or user to create applications for the web:tv.

The Blu:sens WebTV and WebTV-Lite devices are using Interoud's HED technology both for the consumers electronics market and for professional IPTV markets like Hospitality or Telco.